• .027″

Sizes & Styles:

  • 5″ & 6″ Seamless Ogee (K) style
  • 6″ Half-Round
  • Box gutter – Special order only; Built to size specifications

Colors: All aluminum materials are available in 15 colors plus mill-finished (plain aluminum)


Elbows funnel the water from the gutter to the wall of the house and into the downspout. At the bottom of the downspout, another elbow aims the water away from the house either forward or to the side. Elbows are fastened to the downspouts with 1/2″ stainless steel screws.

  • Available in “A” Style (forward facing) and “B” Style (side facing)
Gutter Guards


All gutter guards are not created equally. We custom match the gutter guard system for your home depending on the roof slope, roof type and foliage. We offer a wide variety of gutter guards from standard drop in screens to maintence free.

Miters are installed where the gutter needs to turn a corner. Our miters are a factory made box style. When installed they overlap the gutter approximately 2 inches, are fastened to the gutter with rivets and are sealed with gutter sealer.

Bay Window Miters, Special Angle Miters and Box Gutter Miters are all hand-cut to fit the size and angle specifications.

Mounting Strap
A downspout mounting strap is a factory cut band that is fastened to the wall of the house behind the downspout, then is wrapped around and fastened to the front of the downspout with a 1/2 ” stainless steel screw in order to secure the downspouts to the wall of the house.

Wedges are used where fascia boards are not vertical, but slant back under. Wedges are a triangular piece of metal that hinge over the back of gutter and lays against the fascia board allowing the gutter to hang vertical. The SnapLock™ gutter hanging system is superior to the use of wedges.

Copper Gutters


  • 16 Oz. (.021″

Sizes & Styles:

  • 5″ & 6″ Seamless Ogee (K) style
  • 6″ Half-Round
  • Box gutter – Special order only; Built to size specifications

Downspouts carry the water from the gutter to the ground where it may be controlled for proper runoff. Thickness for downspouts very depending on the material, size and usage.


Materials available:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper

Sizes and styles:

  • 2”x3” & 3”x4”
    • Corrugated style and plain square available
    • Used with 5” or 6” gutter
    • Available in 15 colors plus mill-finished and Copper
  • 4”x5”
    • Corrugated style and plain square available
    • Used only with 6” or Box Gutter
    • Available in limited colors
  • 4” Round
    • Available in limited colors
End caps
End caps close off each end of a gutter. They are punch locked to the ends of the gutter with crimpers and sealed with gutter sealer.
Hidden Hangers
Hidden Hangers are used to fasten the gutter to the fascia board of the house. This is a special bar that hooks under the front lip of the gutter and clips over the back top edge of the gutter. A 1 1/2 ” hex head screw is put through the back of the hanger, through the gutter and into the fascia board at approximately two foot intervals.
Rivets and Screws
Rivets and screws are used to fasten two pieces of metal together where needed. They blend in with the material they are fastened to in order to create a smooth look. We also fasten our gutter to the fascia board with screws, eliminating the use of nails.
Commercial Grade Gutters
  • Available special order as needed
  • Various gauges available


Gutters Offset
An offset is a special-made section of downspout used to elbow the downspout over a brick ledge, porch edge or a brick band on the wall of a house.
Valley shields
Valley shields are placed in front of a valley (where two roofs meet at different angles). They keep water from overshooting the gutter and direct the water back into the gutter. They are fastened to the top front of the gutter using stainless steel screws and are sealed with gutter sealer where they meet the gutter. • 4″ high x 16″ long is standard
Strap Hangers
Some situations require roof strap hangers to be used. This is a Hidden Hanger that has a center strap that is mounted under the shingles. Used to hang the gutter in situations where there is not a standard fascia board onto which to fasten the gutter or where there is a crown mold, where the roof decking overhangs the open rafters or fascia board too far.
OHIO Sealants, Inc. (OSI) or Flexible Seal Products are used depending on installation and circumstances. In standard residential applications, the sealer becomes part of our limited lifetime labor and material warranty.